Main Street Cloverport KY


Population: 20,111
Population per Square Mile: 35.4
Land Area, Square Miles: 567.17
Male          50.2% 
Female      49.8%
Population by Race 
White       95.6%
Black or African American   2.1%
Hispanic Origin      1.4%
Multirace/All Others 2.3%


Population by Select Age Group, 2017
                             Number            Percent
Under 16                4,049                20.1
16-24                      2,057               10.2
25-44                     4,338                21.6
45-64                     5,824                29.0
65-84                     3,478                17.3
85 and older            365                   1.8
Median Age   43.1
Per Capita Income: $19,984
Median Household Income: $43,390 
Median Home Value: $91,600
Median Gross Rent: $535
Average Travel Time to Work: 28.6 minutes


Mean Temperature

January High: 41 degrees

January Low: 24 degrees

July High: 87 degrees

July Low: 67 degrees

Annual Mean : 56.35 degrees




Mean Yearly Precipitation: 47.64 inches

Mean Yearly Snowfall: 11.8 inches

Heating Degree Days: 4,547

Cooling Degree Days: 1,397

Mean Number Days with Precipitation: 115.5

Mean Number Days with Thunerstorms: 42.7



10,622 total housing units

Owner Occupied: 5,824 (54.8%)

Renter Occupied: 1,519 (14.3%)

Vacation Homes: 30%

Vacant Units: 1,071 (10.9%)

Median Home Value: $91,600

(National Average: $205,000)

Home Ownership Rate: 79.3%

(National Average: 63.6%)

More than half of Breckinridge County residents pay less than $800 a year in property taxes. 


Breckinridge County is home to two public school districts, a parochial school, and three Christian schools. We also have a highly respected area technology center, which serves students from Breckinridge County and Cloverport Schools.

Educational Attainment (Percentage of People 25 and Over - 2016)
High School Graduate or Higher: 79.7%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 10.5%
Public School District Enrollments, 2016-2017
Total Enrollment
Pupil To Teacher Ratio
Breckinridge County Schools
Cloverport Independent Schools
Irvington School

Breckinridge County Public School District


Breckinridge County Schools consists of four elementary schools (Ben JohnsonCusterHardinsburg, and Irvington), in addition to the Breckinridge County Middle School and Breckinridge County High School.

Breckinridge County Schools are currently working on construction of a new Hardinsburg Elementary School to be completed in the spring of 2019 (see right). A new Irvington Elementary School was completed in October 2017.

Breckinridge County Schools also recently unveiled their new Profile of a Graduate, which states the expectations our community and school system expect of our students.

Cloverport Independent School District


Cloverport Schools have been serving the Cloverport community for over 140 years. William H. Natcher Elementary School, Frederick Fraize Middle School, and Frederick Fraize High School exist under one roof, and are proud of being able to nurture their students from Pre-K through graduation.


Interparochial and Christian Schools

St. Romuald
St. Romuald Interparochial School in Hardinsburg serves 261 children from Pre-K to the eighth grade. St. Romuald strives to promote a Christ centered learning environment, and serves children from Catholic and non-Catholic backgrounds. 
Bethel Christian Academy




Our county is home to many houses of worship.

Click here to see a list of them divided by location, or, click here to see Churches by Denomination.


The nearest synagogue is located in Louisville. 

The nearest mosques can be found in Elizabethtown  and Owensboro.

2018-2019  Property Tax Rates
(per $10,000 of assessment)
                                                                                            REAL                  PERSONAL   
STATE                                                                                12.20
COUNTY                                                                            11.30                       13.10
LIBRARY                                                                             8.60                         8.60
EXTENSION SERVICES                                                    4.20                         8.37
SOIL CONSERVATION                                                      1.00                         0.00
HEALTH DEPARTMENT                                                    3.10                         3.10
BRECKINRIDGE CO. SCHOOLS                                     54.40                       54.40
CLOVERPORT INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS                    71.60                       71.60
                                                                REAL                     PERSONAL
CLOVERPORT                                       42.30                           36.20
HARDINSBURG                                     36.00                           36.00
IRVINGTON                                            47.20                           72.60

Health Care

Local Medical Personnel 

Primary Care Physicians: 5

Dentists: 4

Chiropractors: 3

Mental Health Providers:2

Optometrists: 1

Gyms: 3

 Breckinridge Health, Inc.

A 25 bed rural critical access hospital.

Medical Staff: 4 physicians, 50 registered nurses, 6 licensed practical nurses, 5 nurse practitioners.

BHI also has three clinics open in the county.

Other Medical Facilities

Patel Medical Center - 270-747-7161

St. Camillus Urgent Care

Hardinsburg Nursing and Rehab

Breckinridge County Health Department